Indigo Painted Lamp and Copycat Ikat Wall Prints


Tomorrow is day three of no school,due to snow.  Therefore, we have had no public school, and no home school in our home.  Three days to get this bedroom finished!  I hope to post the reveal on Friday!  Finally, I can share with you all the final product.  This room has challenged me, and I think it is due to the color palette I chose.  Like I’ve said, I enjoy the warmer side of the color wheel, and that is where my comfort zone is.  Because of that, I’m thinking of adding a warm accent color to the room.  Maybe a salmon-y, terra cotta, coral color?

I did want to share with you today, a few last minute surprises I whipped up!


I found this lamp on Pinterest, and I searched and searched for the owner of this beautiful indigo beauty!  It looks like Anthropologie to me, but I had no luck there.  If you know where this belongs, please let me know, so I can give credit, where credit is due.

I looked around for lampshades for my two lamps, and found a twin to the navy burlap shades at Pottery Barn, at World Market!  When I set them on my lamps, they were too big.  I then topped them with cheap clearance white shades, and they were too small.  What the heck?  I settled for new lamps with shades.  I found them at Target for $24.99 each, and they have a cool wood grain look.  You’ll see them in the reveal.

But, I still wanted this look.  I took my old lamps into my lady cave, and started playing with one of the old lampshades from that room.  I simply dipped a small brush in acrylic paint and made dots all the way around.  I then, went back with some darker paint , and made dots inside some of the lighter dots.  I was so happy with my practice shade, I decided to keep it, and ditch the natural shade on my diy mercury lamp.

painted_lampshade_on painted_lampshade painted_lampshade_on_desk painted_lampshade_upcloseI also made my knock off PB indigo framed prints.  I found the napkins last week at World Market for $3.99 each, and the frames I picked up at Wal-Mart for $5!   They are pretty cheap, but they had a similar look to the PB frames.

ikat_framed_artI cut my napkin to fit in the paper thin mat, taped down the edges and popped the back on, and voila!  Copycat art!  I saved myself tons of moola!  I also love love love the way they look against the gray wall.

framed_napkin_art indigo_framed_napkin_art indigo_framed_wall_artI’m almost there!  I still have to paint behind my bed and paint my side tables.  I also am in the process of figuring out some window treatments, and unfortunately, they will not be in the reveal.  I promise you though,  I have a thrifty trick up my sleeve!

Whatcha think?