A Failed Curtain Project and The September Issue of Country Living


Have you ever been inspired to do something grand and fantastic, only to be totally disappointed with the finished product?  This is usually what happens when I bake.  When I’m decorating, however, when something is not going my way, I step back, bite my lip, and go to town.  Like Bob Ross and Tim Gunn, there are no mistakes and I make it work.  This is not what is happening with the drapes I have been inspired to make for the boy’s room.  Jerk drapes.





I wasn’t going to do drapes in their room because they have this crazy ledge that goes down two walls.   Because of that, the drapes don’t hang properly, and there is a huge gap of sunshine that shines in on the sides.  But, I thought, “I could make them shorter, so I don’t’ have a crazy sunshine gap.”  And, I thought, “I could make them no-sew for my readers!”  Yah, right.  (eye roll)

So, I dropped my tape measure, my pencil and the curtain rod and retreated upstairs.  Out of frustration, and because it is such a habit, I picked up my Country Living magazine.  Have you seen this month’s issue?  Loves it!  They have four covers!   Yes, four!  Each cover has the same furniture but they have changed up the color schemes with paint (cheap) and throw pillows (again, cheap).  This magazine inspires the heck out of me!  I’ve been known to hoard several year’s worth of CL’s in my basement.  In fact, I just tossed two Halloween and a Christmas issue away from two years ago because they got wet.  Anyway, I really like some (ok, all) of the stuff they have in this month’s issue.


I don’t know if it’s because autumn is my favorite season of the year, or if it’s because school starts next week, but this picture gives me the warm fuzzies.  The tartan plaid, the ivy league mirror, the trophy, the leather bound books and the school desk chair scream preppy!  It makes me want to grab my pea coat and watch Harry Potter.  Officially, inspired.


There is a hammock in this room.  THERE IS A FREAKING HAMMOCK IN THIS ROOM!  Well, why the heck not?  Who makes the home decorating rules, anyway?  Who says you can’t have a hammock hanging in your living room?  Really, who?  No one, that’s who.  Do. It.


Look at what paint can do. An old chest of drawers now has a cohesive look with a bit of butter yellow paint.  New hardware and she’s just had a makeover, folks.  What is great about this vignette, is that when the seasons change or your taste, you change out your accessories and you have a whole new look.  I love simple fixes like that.

This is what it looks like when I’m inspired.  There is usually some mental screaming followed by a list and the question, “I wonder how I could do that on the cheap?”  The drapes inspired me, and in art, there are no mistakes.  I will make those drapes work.  Oh, I promise you that, and when I do, you’re getting a tutorial.



Whatcha think?