A Gentleman’s Bedroom


The last two weeks have been crazy!  We decided to homeschool Dylan last week, and we are starting next week!  I’m buggin.  I did however, write a lesson plan today.  It took me all. day.  I know that as I get used to the material, planning will be easy peasy.  So, with that said, I haven’t had much time for projects.

So, here is the boy’s room, clean and almost decorated.




Don’t their beds look so much better when they are made?  Kind of like the cardboard beds at Penney’s.  I know they are cardboard because I ran and tackled someone onto one, and it was not a nice comfy landing, as I thought it might be.  I was in my thirties.

The bedding I found at Target last fall.  The striped duvets were on clearance and they weren’t quite what I was looking for, but I made them work.  The pillows were clearance, and the bedskirts and gray pillowcases, were separates I mixed and matched.  We bought Jake a new mattress, because he is a grown-up, so Dylan’s puny mattress made his bed a foot lower.  I picked up some cones in the college stuff to make it taller.  Now, they are the same height.

The blue framed art I found on clearance this week!  They are maps of Brooklyn and NY.  I love how the blue brings life to that corner.  The shelves, window frame, and paint all are warm, so the cool of the blue was just what the Dr. ordered.




Ok, I’m so excited about this guy.  I was inspired by a piece I found at Hobby Lobby.  It was perfect for the boy’s backpacks and jackets, but with a price tag of $119, it was out of the question.  I scanned it over and thought, “I can make this.”  Not exactly, but it’s the same idea.

I used two 1×6 pine boards, a $5 curtain rod from the dollar store, and four S hooks.  Jake’s bag is heavy due to all those text books, and the rod holds up.  I just hung the curtain rod upside down and snapped it in place.  Now, the bags are off the floor and off the door handle.

Total project cost $20.  Even on 50% days, I couldn’t have picked up that shelf at Hobby Lobby for that!




I didn’t even talk about this last week, but did you notice the letters sitting on the shelves?  Anthropologie $18 each, Krissy Buck $12 for all of them.

The art in the corner came from Target also, last year.  The have horrible puns printed on them, but they really make me giggle because our last name is Buck.  The top one reads, “Hello Dear”, and the bottom reads, “Buck Wild.”  Ha!

I know I still want to add some drapes, and I would like to find (or make) a console table for Jake’s laptop.  It would fit nicely in the corner next to his bed, if I can find the right one.  I also want to replace their alarm clock with something more grown-up and vintage looking.  A cool retro radio/docking station would look cool in here, too.




I think the biggest change in this whole room is not paint or accessories, but that it is clean.  Boys!

Here’s a before and after!



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