Why Inspiration Liberation?  As long as I can remember, I have been crafting.  I’ve made just about everything, but what comes to mind right now, is the straw hat craze in the 90’s with ribbons and silk flowers hot glued to the brim. Hang that baby on your wall!  When I was 15, I painted my bedroom sage green and I added a paisley border.  My dad told me I actually did a good job, and that was the beginning of my love for home decorating.  That was the beginning of feeling freedom in my art of pulling color, wall art, bedding, pillows and rugs together.  Rooms are my canvas, and I love to fill them.

I have an amazing husband that God has blessed with the ability to look at a tape measure and not have to count the lines.  He doesn’t roll his eyes when I say I’m tired of a room.  He just asks, “Ready to change it up?”  God knew I needed him.  I also have three awesome kids, who love going shopping and looking at throw pillows…NOT!

I love Jesus, I love the beach, I love baseball, and I love the color green.