Bohemian Christmas Window Garland




The basement in our house has a manly sports theme, while the upstairs is what I like to refer as the “lady cave.”  This is my space.  This is where I drink my pumpkin spice coffee in the morning.  This is where I like to snuggle up in the chaise, and read a good book under my hounds tooth throw.

This room started with that chair.  I found that beauty at a garage sale for $20.  It had been reupholstered and was super clean.  It did not match one thing in our entire house.  While cruising Pier One, I found these great embroidered drapes, and the rest was history.  While this room as evolved, the style has always stayed the same.  Furniture has come and gone, but the bohemian eclectic feel, has always persevered.

Right now, I am using a dining banquette as extra seating in here because it is not as deep, and it allows more floor space in the room.  This room is super tiny, and I have room for eleven tushes!  This is where people gather, being it is adjacent to our kitchen, so having ample seating is important.

During the holidays, I always do my “fancy tree” up here.  While our downstairs gets a traditional decor scheme, the upstairs is my chance to express some creativity.  I thought it would be fun this year to add something to the window.  I found some pictures of beads hanging from chandeliers, and thought the same idea could apply to a window curtain rod.



I found these beads at Hobby Lobby over the weekend.  This strand was actually 33′, but I found the perfect swag, and then cut the string between the beads to create two lengths.



I then hung the second strand, creating one large swag between the two smaller ones.  I held them in place by wrapping a zip tie around the rod, pinching the beads in place.



I added my ornaments I picked up at Hobby Lobby as well.  I like it, but how could I make it better?  How about some simple ribbon?



Much better.  You can’t tell in the pictures, but the beads are a chartreuse color.  Now it’s time to get the tree out!  I’m going to have to move palmy, the palm tree.  Poor guy can’t handle the mid-west winter.  He’s also about three years old, so I can re-pot him now.  I don’t know why I would want to?  The black plastic monster is so chic!




Whatcha think?