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Inspiration: Colorful Farmhouse


Inspiration Bearded Bathroom


Bathroom Inspiration

About five years ago, I was sitting down in our basement family-room, when I heard water.  Not water running through the pipes, or water running in the toilet, more like a waterfall falling out of our ceiling.  Thank goodness it was running into our basement bathroom, and clean-up was a breeze, but it left a […] Read more…

The Camper Project: Revealed


pop up camper remodel

I am done.  This has been the shortest two weeks everrrr.  I am some kind of crazy for thinking I was up to the challenge of renovating the inside of a pop up camper in 14 days.  Did I mention it is also really hot parked on my driveway? Well, you all remember this 1990’s […] Read more…

Goessel Threshing Days 2013


  For as long as I can remember, the first full weekend of August, I was in Goessel, Kansas for their annual Threshing Days.  This is a time for the men to show off their skills, refurbishing antique engines, tractors, cars, and implements.  My dad’s passion is to refurbish antique tractors.  I’m sure for him, […] Read more…

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