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Saturday Shopping: Galvanized Kitchen


light fixture

**Affiliate Links ahead.  I make a small commission if you purchase through one of these links.** It’s Saturday!  I know what that means…take kids to activities, sit at activity, take kids home from activities, take kid to birthday party, pick kid up from birthday party, meet family for dinner at brother’s house and then you […] Read more…

Finally a Bedroom Reveal


I Forgot About the Before!


Geez.  I can’t believe I forgot to show you all the before pictures of my bedroom.  Where is my head at?  I love a good before and after, so I apologize that I didn’t first, show you the before. I tend to lean towards the warm colors of fall.  By lean, I mean fall over. […] Read more…

Inspiration Bearded Bathroom


Bathroom Inspiration

About five years ago, I was sitting down in our basement family-room, when I heard water.  Not water running through the pipes, or water running in the toilet, more like a waterfall falling out of our ceiling.  Thank goodness it was running into our basement bathroom, and clean-up was a breeze, but it left a […] Read more…

The Boy’s Room: Cheap-o Wall Shelves


Dear mothers everywhere, I give you this. This is clean to a 14 and 10 year old. I have been slowly converting this shared room, that is painted in bright juvenile colors, to a more sophisticated boy room.  I started by buying some new bedding about six months ago.  That is the tangled mess on […] Read more…