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Guest Post: Streamline Craft Room


Today’s blog post comes to you by Becky Keating.  Becky and her husband, Roger own Blue June’s Retro Deco, and are always posting cool new finds on their facebook page.  In Becky’s own words, “Along with my husband, Roger, I scope out the area auctions, garage sales and thrift stores for great vintage deals that we can […] Read more…

The Camper Project: Glamping


Sunday morning, I woke up to tiny raindrops falling onto the white canvas roof of my camper.  The sounds of nature penetrated the screen walls behind my head.  The wind, barely moving, pushed our tiny home back and forth.  I heard the dog trot around in the wet grass, and I heard other campers start […] Read more…

The Camper Project: Revealed


pop up camper remodel

I am done.  This has been the shortest two weeks everrrr.  I am some kind of crazy for thinking I was up to the challenge of renovating the inside of a pop up camper in 14 days.  Did I mention it is also really hot parked on my driveway? Well, you all remember this 1990’s […] Read more…

The Camper Project: Step it Up


I just added value to my camper. I’m sure the resale value just went up $10. Huge. Sad. The edges actually cut our feet when we went in and out. I knew I had to figure out a way to cover or replace this disgrace of a camper step. I ripped the linoleum off with […] Read more…

The Camper Project: Summer’s Back and Halloween Candy is on the Shelves


  Doesn’t this picture make you happy?  I love fall.  I love scarves, brown leather knee high boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes…the list of why I love fall is endless.  So you can imagine the squeal of excitement that came from my mouth when I spotted Halloween candy at my grocery store!  I brought home […] Read more…

The Camper Project: I’m Sew Crazy


HOLY YARDS OF FABRIC, BATMAN!  I have been putting some miles on my Brother sewing machine these last two days.  I’ve had the petal to the metal, and I’ve whipped out some FANTASTIC drapes for the camper.  I can’t stop going out to my driveway to window peep through the screens, and stare at their […] Read more…

The Camper Project: Day One


  First things first, let’s get this camper clean.  It has been raining non-stop here in Kansas this summer.  While the rain was most welcome, it creates a mustiness in the tent camper world.  I searched around for some oil to put in my battery operated air diffuser, and I cut through the staleness.  I […] Read more…

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The Camper Project


My mom and my aunt gave me a camper!  I have a boy scout in my home, so I live vicariously through him.  Jake does all the camping around here.  So, when the idea of owning my own camper, and inheriting the pop-up came along, I almost didn’t jump on the opportunity.  Oh, but I […] Read more…

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