Easy Peasy Bunting in Under an Hour




I would just like to start this by saying, “I dislike sewing.”  There is too much prep work, too many measurements to take, and way too much cutting.  But, isn’t there something so satisfying about seeing your handiwork once it’s complete?  I think there is.

You can take a simple collection of throw pillows, that you have sewn, and dramatically change a room, or simply bring it all together.  Color, texture, and print can make a “meh” room, into a “wow” room.  Through the painful art of sewing, you can pull that off with just a few bucks and talent.




This may have been the simplest sewing gig in this whole camper.  I made a shorter one for the window, and a long piece for the canopy outside.

My supplies included:

  1. 7′ of white grosgrain ribbon
  2. Five 1/2 yds of contrasting fabric
  3. A cold Pepsi
  4. White Thread
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Scissors and a pencil
  7. Patience

I started by measuring each piece of fabric out and cutting it 32″ long by 11″ high.  I then, cut the length into equal parts, measuring 8″ each across.




I folded each piece in half and measured 4″ up, and used my kids ruler to make a straight diagonal line, going to the opposite corner.  I simply used a #2 pencil to draw a straight edge,  and I cut along the line.

After I had stock piled a bunch of flags (I did this all while watching the Price is Right), I measured out my ribbon, and pinned the flags to it.  I eyeballed the space in between each flag (we’re keeping this easy).

I made one line of stitches across the top and realized the flags did not hang correctly, so I stitched another along the bottom of the ribbon.  When I made the bunting for the canopy, I stitched right down the middle and that did the trick.




Seriously easy, and it only took me 45 minutes to complete two lengths of bunting.  It really does something for my grocery store fold up chairs, huh?  I don’t even mind them.  With a back drop like that, who would?

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