Fall Baby Shower



I helped plan a baby shower last fall with my mom.  The mommy’s family already gave her the pink girl shower, but since we were giving her a shower for our side of the family, we decided to go another route.  Since her baby is due during fall, it just seemed fitting to have a fall baby shower!

The treats were so simple and I tried to keep the cost down.  I picked up two packages of caramel apples from the grocery store and some ribbon.  I simply tied it around the stick.  This is the type of ribbon that has wire that helps it stand up.


Instead of paying a ton of money on cupcakes or a cake, I opted for chocolate mini cupcakes and popped on a candy corn pumpkin.  Very easy and there were only a couple of cupcakes left.Popcorn

I also put together a popcorn bar with lunch bags from my pantry by loosely folding down at the top of the bags.  The popcorn was prepackaged with just a hint of sea salt.  I also made my own seasonings I found on PinteresttableI reused my clothesline, and added some photos I took of the mommy and daddy, along with some feathers I found in the scrapbooking section at my local craft store.  I also made an apple cider punch, piled some donuts on a tray, and I had grapes and cheese for the people who were watching their waistlines.

Overall, it was a nice fall afternoon with friends and family to celebrate this little’s new life to come.  I reused items from our houses, the clothesline, and bought snacks that were already packaged and ready for purchase.  This kept it simple and on a budget!

Whatcha think?