Finally a Bedroom Reveal


If I wasn’t challenged, I would get bored.  Redecorating this room transplanted me into a dark abyss of home decor and fabrics.  I was lost in the black hole of Hobby Lobby and World Market.  I was a spinning Sandra Bullock grasping for the mercy of NASA (aka Pinterest).  Oh, master bedroom how you wrecked me, and then, you redeemed me.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but that is how the last few months have felt.

Don’t tell me color doesn’t affect your mood, because sisters, I fell into a deep depression.  Seriously!  I didn’t want to do anything, and it wasn’t until I incorporated some coral into my bedroom did I feel lighter.  I know, weird, but it is so true!  It probably didn’t help that the sky has been the same color of concrete for the past 628 days until this week.  Praise you 68 degrees!

I have tons of pics, so how about we just get to my happy master bedroom, shall we?

bed_linensI’m sure you noticed my screen printed pillow is M.I.A.  It just didn’t jive anymore.  I needed something to marry all the new colors with the old in my room.  I found two napkins at World Market for 50% off, and I sewed them together, and created an envelope pillow cover.  Once I popped that onto the bed, the room made sense.  All my colors were incorporated into one simple pillow, and that created the unity I was missing.

bed_pillowsCDB loves going to bed now.  He looks forward to finding a place to put the throw pillows each night.  I hear him giggling with delight as he turns down his covers.  As you can see, he has a lot of pillows to take off the bed each night.  It’s the little things.

bedside_accessoriesThere is that handsome devil!  This is one of my favorite pictures because CDB will not let me take his mug.  Most of his photos are of his legs, body, and palm blocking the shot.  He let me take this one a few years ago when we traveled to St. Louis for the NCAA tournament.  We ate lunch at Cheesecake Factory, which was across from an Anthropologie, and there was a Pottery Barn in the mall too!  We watched UNC play KU, ate at The Cheesecake Factory, took in the visual delight of Anthro and Pottery Barn, and sat in the dug out at Busch Stadium.  It was a great weekend!  So, when I look at his handsome face, I can only think of one thing…Anthropologie.

deskI told you that I wanted to add a pop of color to this chair.  I was out shopping around one day, and found this scarf for $9.99.  I fell in love with the warm coral and I grabbed it not knowing if I would use it in my wardrobe, or in my decorating.  I tossed it over the chair when I arrived home, and a light bulb turned on.  Best part is, I can wear that sucker, too!

desk_drapes This is CDB’s “doing college” (that’s what our kids call it when dad is doing his school work) desk.  I filled the shelves with plants and this cute whale I found at Target, but soon it will be overtaken with his books.  I will just have to style them when the time comes.  One thing about the desk that is driving me insane, is the drapery panel on the right side.  Because of the space I am limited to, I had to pinch the drape behind the desk.  I hates it.  I really hates it.  I also hate that I can’t open those drapes up to get the full width of the window.  Boo.  drapes_behind_bed I did, however, pull it off over the bed!  I have a tutorial coming up on how I created these drapes!  Each panel cost $12.50!  I think if I had gone with a panel that was full of pattern, it would have been overwhelming.  This gives me the look and playfulness of the pattern, without the busyness of it.drapes_napkin_prints envelope_napkin_pillow nightstandI had to add this one last photo, because right behind the .com in my watermark, is a stash of chocolate.  I found this apothecary jar at Goodwill a few months ago, and I stashed it back.  I knew it would come into some good use.  Now I just need a wineskin in the mattress and an IV full of coffee next to my bed and I’m ready to go!


Whatcha think?