Flea Market Envy


Everywhere I turned last week, I saw bloggers, collectors, lucky people, and Country Living editors living it up in Ohio at their little fair.  Little is my sarcastic word for amazing.  Ever since I first picked up my first CL, I have dreamed of walking up and down the grassy isles of an outdoor market.  I can now proudly say, I am a flea market envy survivor.  Kansas is now full of antique/home made goods sales.


This last Saturday, I hit the open road with Dylan and my Step-Mom and checked out the Hillsboro craft fair.  Let me just say, I had no idea.  No idea how big this thing was! The whole main street was full of craft vendors!  
My first stop was the Farmhouse Finds sale.  Dana posted pictures the night before on her facebook, and I about died.  I actually started to feel anxious.  The same kind of anxious that you get when you look at black Friday ads.  The shakes, the planning (Ok, can I just go now? I could just sneak up there real quick and be back before dinner), the un-christian desire to throw elbows…maybe not.  Or maybe???

As I entered her yard, I felt complete.  The buffet of re-purposed items lay ahead of me like mac-n-cheese and chicken tenders.  Oh, and the pallet signs!  So many adorable pallet signs leaned against rocking chairs, and old doors.  The signs were beautifully painted by The Pretty Pallet.  So cute!




The ideas and craftsmanship of these artists blew my step-mom and I away.  Dylan picked up a bow made of PVC, from some college aged boys, who were running a very busy booth.  I also found a corrugated tin Christmas penguin to put in the front lawn this December.  Here is a sampling of some of the other clever, or cute things we saw.








I did drag some stuff home from Farmhouse Finds and The Pretty Pallet, as well.  I took home that gray desk for Jake.  I had snapped a photo and sent it to my husband.  He showed it off to Jacob and Megan, and Megan called it.  When we got it moved into Jake’s room, we realized that it just wouldn’t be comfortable for him to use his mouse at.

But, It worked out great for Megan!




The office project is still a thing, and the last piece of that puzzle is some artwork for the lobby.  I had thought towards the beginning stages of the remodel, that since it is a trucking company, a US map would be cool with twine strung from Wichita to Miami, their major route.  How does one go about painting the US onto wood planks?  This is where I got stuck, and this is where The Pretty Pallet has saved the day!





There are some more outdoor markets coming up!
September 28th-Benton, KS & Andover, KS
October 5th-Hesston, KS
October 12th-Whitewater, KS (Farmhouse Finds will be there!!)

Do whatever you can to make it to one or all of these!  Great food, great music, great junk, and great art is to be found!

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