From Homecoming King to Seaside Retreat


Joey, has long graduated from high school.  His days of marching up the stairs, throwing his book bag, his dirty laundry, and stinky shoes on his light blue carpet are over.  His little sister, no longer has to go to his room and pull his dirty laundry off his floor like Velcro, because she is tired of seeing him in the same three shirts every week.  Ah yes!  Joey  has moved out!  Praise Jesus!



Step one was the sponge paint that was lovingly painted on his walls in the 90’s.  Mary picked a sandy tan color for the bottom, bright white trim and a cream paint for the top.  I did not use a primer before I painted the top, because the blue was a light blue, therefore, one coat of paint should do.  Ah no!  Four coats later and another can of paint with primer in it, I was finally done.
Because I love thrill of hunting and re-purposing, I reused some furniture pieces Mary and Jim had around their home.  The chest of drawers came from their guest bedroom in the basement, and the vanity came from the top of the stairs on the second story.  The vanity has this great antique chippy effect on the mirror.


These lamps from Target, are amazing!  They brought so much warmth and style to the room and they are currently on clearance!  The shades are separate and unfortunately are no longer available.  One more thing about these lamp bases…built. in. dimmer.  You can find them here.  The apothecary jar I picked up at Pier One and filled it with some potpourri I found at The Cracker Barrel.  Yes, I just said that.  I topped the shells off with sea shells and corral I picked up in Miami and Mexico off the beach.


The bedding was kept very simple and light.  This room is on the second story and on the west side of the home facing the south.  In Kansas, we bake at 3:00 pm everyday during the months of  July, August and September.  This room is a hot box.  Therefore, cotton bedding was on my shopping list.  The sheets are simply white sheets, the blanket is a cheap cotton blanket from Wal-Mart (here) in cream, and the folded throw at the end of the bed?  That is a seersucker duvet cover folded and laid across for added texture and contrast.  Mary can stuff that kid with a feather comforter this winter for her holiday guests.  I found the duvet cover set here.   I’m still looking for the perfect bolster pillow to place in front of the two blue and tan paisley pillows on the bed.  The search continues…  Also, I think a white fitted sheet is needed on the box springs to hide the hideous blue floral fabric wrapping it.



I outfitted the windows with a tan ikat drape (here) and “flowy” (Mary’s word, not mine) sheers (similar).   For $4.87 per panel, she can call them whatever she wants.  Oh, the chair in the corner?  I found that bad boy at Ross Dress for Less!  Turns out they have some pretty cool furniture pieces.  Who knew?  Especially if you are on a budget!  It was half the cost they wanted to spend on a chair for the room!  Sa-weet!  I re-purposed the throw on the chair from Mary’s stash.


This room turned out so good, we all just want to move in.  It might just be a bit crowded, but we would all be so relaxed!   Mary’s choice of color, and the lighting I scored set this room up to be a real treat for her guests.  Whether it’s reading a book, or taking an afternoon siesta, they will find true comfort in this seaside Kansas retreat.

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