Halloween Mantle


I have always had a fondness for October.  Jacob and Megan celebrate their birthdays in October.  In fact, I carved a pumpkin the night before I went into labor with each of them.  I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin shaped Reeses Peanut Cups.  I love the Peanuts movies and Harry Potter.  I love the crisp fresh air of an autumn morning.  I love apple cider, caramel apples, and pumpkin pie.  I know I said that already, but I really love pumpkin pie.  It has always been my birthday cake.  A big slice with a huge dollop of whipped cream…bliss.

I woke up this morning, and I knew those totes where coming out!  My Halloween decorations were going to adorn each and every surface of my living areas.  I first focused on my mantle, and thought I would share step by step, how I build a holiday display.


Step 1.  Start with a clean slate.  I’m almost positive I have ADD.  I do seven things at once, so if it’s clean, I’m more likely to focus.  Amen?


Step 2.  Start layering with a base.   I had this gauze material leftover from Halloween past just begging to be brought out again.


Step 3.  Start playing around with your core pieces.  I just got this stand and AMAZING candle from Gold Canyon for free, and these jack-o-lanterns were only $4 each at Target!  They are battery operated and I love the nostalgic carvings.


Step 4.  Start filling in holes, adding height and depth.  Play around and don’t be afraid to switch accessories around until it is pleasing to your eye.  These pieces are all leftovers from the past.


Step 5.  Look around, up, and down.  Is the balance off?  Mine was.  My Tuscan print was not jiving with my scary pumpkins, so I decided to experiment.  I hung two pieces of the same gauze, but in gray  over the corners of this frame.


Layer!  Layer!  Layer!  I added spider web right over the gauze.


And then, a huge spider!  I seriously pinch this thing when I pick it up.  It totally freaks me out.


Step 6.  Keep layering and filling in any gaps.  Pay attention not only to your flat surfaces, but also any vertical surfaces.  I added this purple sign for balance.  I also added some cool flickering lights and more spider web.




Putting together displays in your home is a lot like getting dressed.  You start with your jeans and a basic top, add a scarf or jacket.  Then you accessorize with your jewelry, shoes, and handbag.  Start with your core pieces and build from there.  Play around and be creative!  Enjoy the process, and then eat a pie (A pie) when you’re done, for all the hard work you put in.




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