How to Style a Bar Cart


Can we talk bar carts for a second?  When I think of a bar cart, I instantly picture Betty Draper with her cigarette in one hand, a party apron tied around her waist, a perfectly curled updo, and a cocktail shaker in the other hand.  They make me think of socializing, parties, men in suits, and sparkle.  So it makes all the sense in the world that I would covet one.betty_slug_wine

CDB totally surprised me with this little cart for Christmas.  He hid in in our daughter’s closet for a whole week!  I’m not one to go looking for gifts or try to find out surprise plans in my honor, I just always find them.  Needless to say, I was blown away and I love it!

So, I popped my wine glasses on it and a drink dispenser but I haven’t really had time to style it.  I want it to look like the fabulous carts adorning my Pinterest feed, so I reversed engineered one and I thought I would share the process with you today!

Step 1.  Find a cart.  A bookshelf, a credenza, or an old dresser would work too.
2015-01-29_0057Step 2.  Gather your glasses, bar ware, and liquor.

2015-01-29_0059Step 3.  Find a tray to hold your bottles.  I used the base of my drink bucket that I sprayed gold.  Other ideas would be a mirror, a wood tray, or my favorite…a Lucite tray!

Step 4.  A  floral arrangement to add interest and to balance the height on the top.  You could also add a large vase to collect your corks from your wine bottles.  There are two kind of people in the world:  People who drink A LOT of wine and have a large cork collection or people who drink A LOT of wine and make wreaths from their corks.  Don’t be the latter.  The world is too small for so many cork wreaths.


Step 5.  Glass.  Shiny reflective glass.  Find a tray or in my case, a charger, and position some (not all) of your glasses on it.




Step 6.  Add some height to this shelf by adding in your ice bucket.  Now, Betty would have hers more accessible during parties, so keep in mind you will have to move it up when you have guests over for happy hour.  Also, start filling in your spaces with another style of glass.

2015-01-29_0069Step 7.  Style the bottom shelf with larger items.  This is where I placed my drink bucket.  I won’t be using this often and it adds the gold I want reflected on all three shelves.  This is also where I added my water glasses.  This could also where you would inventory your mixers and tonic water.

2015-01-29_0070Step 8.  Fill in the holes with small accessories or bar tools.  I used these glasses I found at Goodwill for 49 cents each and some gold coasters.  I also added some tealight holders on the second shelf that coincidentally look like ice cubes.  On the bottom shelf I placed this Greek horse statue to balance out the pretty.  I think Don Draper would appreciate my choice.








Step 9.  Put on your apron and take your pink curlers out…IT’S TIME TO PARTY!0936fa87d39b90e70af12e26691ee99f

Or you could just pour yourself a glass of wine and watch re-runs of Mad Men.








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