I Forgot About the Before!


Geez.  I can’t believe I forgot to show you all the before pictures of my bedroom.  Where is my head at?  I love a good before and after, so I apologize that I didn’t first, show you the before.

Master Bedroom BeforeI tend to lean towards the warm colors of fall.  By lean, I mean fall over.  I am so in love with fall, and I wish it would last all year long.  All good things, though, must come to an end, and so must the red walls.  

Pillows On Master BedI kept all my bedding.  In fact, it’s still on my bed!  The comforter is tucked into my navy duvet cover and the pillows you may recognize…

bedleftMy nightstands are a yard sale score!  $35 for the pair, and the yellow tied in nicely with the rest of the room.  I have plans for these little tables in another room in my house.  I’m still organizing my bedroom furniture in my head, but I think the desk will have to double as a nightstand for CDB.  Therefore, I will need to build myself a matching nightstand.  Oh darn.

Different Angle of BedI have a pair of lamps that have been sitting in storage for almost five years, that will look great with my color palette.  The shades I would love to have, are navy with a burlap texture.  I’m trying to figure out how to recreate those.  Suggestions?

Whatcha think?