I’m Redecorating my Basement…Again


I don’t know if you remember when CDB and I finally finished our basement, but we’ve decide to go ahead and redo it again.  Last May, I scored a great deal on a room at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Bel Air, CA.  As we circled our rented Mini Cooper around the circular drive, and the valet opened my door, my heart was swept away by the luxurious finishes in the landscaping and the lobby.  I was inspired to say the least by this hotel.  The symmetrical landscaping around the pool has inspired the plans I have for my backyard, and the bathroom finishes have taken over the basement plans for our bathroom.  It also changed how I design and how I finish my work.

The new design for the basement all began when the time came to get a new sofa.  This was a need, not a want.  Our monster brown sectional was sinking in the corner, the recliners did not work anymore, and the arm rests had more spots on them than a cheetah.  I knew I a wanted classic rolled armed sofa and found the perfect one at our local Ashley store.  My desire to buy only items that will be in style in 20 years has overtaken my plans and my closet.  This sofa has tweed like seat and back cushions that are a brown/grey, and the throw cushions are down-filled and have a zipper.  Unfortunately, because of the stairway and doorway, we could only get a love-seat.  However, this love-seat still is long enough that CDB can lay on it and take a nap.

I still had my turquoise World Market wing-back chair and noticed that the flower in the throw pillows on the new sofa matched perfectly with the blue in the chair downstairs, and my new dinning chairs upstairs.  These pillows will help to marry the upstairs with the downstairs nicely.  Well, because this chair was a perfect match, I decided to purchase it a twin!  The little mirrored table I found at Pier One for $29!

blue chairsObviously you can tell by the conditon of the wall behind the chairs that I have some work still to do.  I had to do the fun stuff first, though!  On the opposite wall of the chairs I painted the wall with a flat turquoise paint that I found at Lowe’s called Fish Story.  I also purchased a semi-gloss in the same shade.  before_wallThis is how the wall looked before I painted that beautiful deep blue onto the walls.  Many holes from our T.V. had to be filled.  After I painted the flat paint onto the wall. I found the center of the room, and using spray adhesive sprayed the back of my stencil and laid it onto the wall.  I also used painters tape on the edges for extra protection.  The adhesive was enough to hold up the stencil and I only needed to reapply after I moved the stencil every 3-4 times.  stencilI used a paper plate and a stencil brush to apply the semi-gloss paint.  I carefully started on the edges of the stencil and overlapping onto the wall, rubbed the paint in using circular motions.  This project was time consuming, but easy and the end product is dramatic and luxurious!paper_plateI found these slipper chairs on Target.com in the clearance section.  They reflect the paint in the upper part of the room which is a sandy color, more on the yellow side.  They also have a grey check in them, both on a white background.  finished_stenciled_wallThis was not on purpose, but the lampshade has the same design as the stencil.  Don’t you love it when things like that work out?  lamp_shadeCDB has been busy in this room as well.  He built a home office along the south wall for us both to do our school work, and he built custom shelves on the north wall.

I have a long way to go before I am done, and I’ll be updating my progress here and on my Instagram.   Here is my checklist…

  1. Caulk all the seams of the trim
  2. Paint the shelves
  3. Install Airstone (It’s going to be amazing!)
  4. Install crown molding
  5. Touch-up wall paint
  6. Rug
  7. Finish painting desk
  8. Hang new light fixture
  9. Make roman shades
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