Inspiration Bearded Bathroom


About five years ago, I was sitting down in our basement family-room, when I heard water.  Not water running through the pipes, or water running in the toilet, more like a waterfall falling out of our ceiling.  Thank goodness it was running into our basement bathroom, and clean-up was a breeze, but it left a huge hole in our ceiling.



The water didn’t just open up our ceiling, it opened up Pandora’s box.  Soon, we were dreaming and scheming up a new bathroom.  We bought slate tile, a bathtub, and a marble vanity top.  I started painting the vanity black, and things were moving along, when we figured out our tub, was too big.  The project screeched to a halt.




We became frustrated and had decided to start gutting it all together.  I stated removing sheetrock, and found this.  This wall is one part cardboard to two parts sheetrock.  What?



This is where it has sat, unused for three years.  We put a door back up, that’s progress!


Hollywood light fixture from Wal-Mart. It makes me feel like a movie star.



We store our luggage next to the toilet. You don’t?



I hope we can salvage this yummy hunter green faux marble linoleum. Just kidding!


My inspiration for this room, is old vintage barbershop.  We kicked around what to do for a tub or shower, and we’ve decided to go back to the old standard tub with tile surround.  CDB found a gray wood grain floor tile he likes for the shower walls.  To break it up, we are adding an accent of this cool blue mosaic.  We are using our marble vanity top, and our slate on the floor.  I’m debating on what color to paint the vanity, but I know I want some cool old style vintage drawer pulls and knobs.

OB-Bearded BathroomI think it would be really cool if we can find an old dresser mirror at our fav antique store!  The light fixture has been ordered, and I’m pretty freaking excited about it.  We will finally have another shower in this house!

Because the tile is all dark, I’m having some issues with paint color.  I want to do dark chocolate brown, but without any natural light, I think that will be too dark.  Oh, but how handsome it would be!  So, I’m thinking a darker tan, but with red tones it in to warm up the room.

Not only am I planning this room, but the stupid Pottery Barn catalog came in, and now I want to redecorate every. single. room. in my house.  Pottery Barn, you kill me.  Do you have it?  Have you seen all that beautiful indigo?  I wasn’t even a blue person, but I am now!

Well, I’m on my way to a blue bedroom.  Thanks, PB.

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