Inspiration: Colorful Farmhouse


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I grew up on a farm and it was full of color.  From the garden to the buildings full of tractors and implements, we saw bright bold colors all around the house.  Green tomatoes would ripen to their full red color on the sunporch.  Our playhouse right off the bold green screen door had accents of yellow.  The green, yellow, red, and blue farm equipment dotted the fields and yard.  SO HOW IN THE WORLD DID FARMHOUSE DECOR BECOME WHITE, BEIGE, AND GRAY??

I'm guilty! My kitchen cabinets are white and the walls are gray.  My living room is beige and the interior doors...are gray.  My Instagram and Pinterest feeds are full of white beautiful rooms with chippy paint and character for days, but no color.  I find myself stopping on a dime when I see a pin of a room that features blue, red, or orange but has a cow or windmill on the wall.  I covet the bold colors of a quilt across the foot of a bed or the Pyrex bowls nested on a kitchen shelf.

My memories of my Grandpa and Grandma's farm are full of color as well.  The old grain truck was bright blue and the barn was red.  My Grandma's garden was full of pink, purple, and red.  The towels she hung on the line were a rainbow of color blowing against a bright blue sky.  The telephone that was once tied into the party line and hung on the wall was green.

So how did I find myself following the trend of farmhouse decor of no color? I crave color in my home and as I add it here and there, it makes me happy.  While I ooh and ahh over the beautiful homes that feature all white rooms and gray walls, I know that it is not for me.  I long for the nostalgia of bright colors in vintage linens, quilts, and dishes.

I have begun to add bright color into our common bath.  I've chosen a color palette of yellow, blue, and green.  Someday some white subway tile will adorn the shower walls, but color will be present too.  Follow me on Instagram to watch the progress and share your thoughts on color in farmhouse decor!  I would love to hear that I am not the only one who is struggling with this decor trend in my home.

Whatcha think?