It’s All in the Details


Details are what will make or break a design.  If you have a room that only has furniture in it you have yourself a very boring room, my friend.  It is the little touches that will warm up a room and make it feel how you want it to feel.

shelf decor

In the kitchen, I used cookbooks that matched my dishes to add color to my floating shelves.  For sparkle, I hung my wine glasses and the light bounces off the glass.  I put coffee grounds in an empty jar and placed a chicken wire basket filled with white kitchen towels to anchor the end of the shelf.  It is all about adding texture and height and that is what the jar of coffee and the galvanized container add.

boxwood wreath

Contrast is important to good design too.  The green of this boxwood wreath pops off the white of the shiplap.  Another benefit of using a boxwood wreath in your decorating is life!  Having plants in your home will add energy and bring warmth to your space.

wall art

Everything I own has a use and when I received these cups from Pottery Barn, I had no place for them.  They were hidden for a few years at the back of cabinets.  I found this holder and placed it on an antique cart and now they bring color and they are not hidden and unused.

cow salt and pepper shakers

I try very hard to reuse of repurpose items that no longer have a home in a room.  Over the last few years I have emptied my utility room of home decor that I no longer used or liked.  I feel like my decorating style has become simplified and I no longer feel oppressed by an overstuffed storage room.

coffee cups

It is much more of a challenge for me to find places for stuff to go that will make sense in the design.  Just to have something to have it is too easy and no longer satisfying.  Maybe that is the minimalist in me or maybe it is me trying to be fiscally responsible.  Whatever it is, it feels so much lighter and creates space for creativity.

silk flowers

Whatcha think?