Knock Off Restoration Hardware Key Wall Decor


Confession:  My Christmas Tree is still assembled and tucked into the corner of our dinning room.  The white LEDs are shinning brightly like a neon lit monkey on my back.  I’m over it, but too lazy to go out to the garage and get the totes to take the thing down.  I would rather spend my time in the other rooms of my house and ignore the inevitable…YOU NEED TO TAKE THE TREE DOWN.  Ugh!

Over the last six months I have been making small changes throughout our home, but I have not had time to share with all of you!  I have made changes to our dining room (yes, we have one of those now), bathroom, media room, Megan’s room, and our bedroom.  Can you believe t was only a year ago that I painted our room gray, screen printed some drop cloth, and built my husband a desk?  I am what you call a serial decorator…it’s a thang.

In November, we drove up to Kansas City to visit the new IKEA!  I picked up a few things for a job I’m working on, but I also picked up a new duvet cover.  My mom gifted up a beautiful red quilt for Christmas, and so when I switched out our bedding for Spring, I bought a worn looking graphite quilt from Target.  I also had a few pillows I had picked up here and there in the fall that I used again.

We moved our room around because we moved CDB’s desk into Megan’s room (I will reveal to you our new work space in due time), and the shelves hung above the desk left some huge holes in the wall.  I don’t have one drip of that gray paint left so I can’t patch the holes, therefore I had to find a way to cover them up without adding anything to my already cluttered house.

I came up with creating my own version of Restoration Hardware’s key wall decor.  I already had the frames, 1/4″ plywood, drop cloth (my old curtains), and one set of keys.  I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought another pair and with my 40% coupon spent $7.

Plywood BackFirst, measure and cut your plywood to fit the back of your frame.  Check the clearance section of your store for these chunky frames that are discounted.  Even mismatched frames would look cool.  Cut Fabric to BoardNext, eyeball your fabric so that it will fold over about two inches on all sides and use spray glue to attach the fabric to the board.

Fold Up CornersThen, fold up your corners.  I started by folding over the short sides and fastening with hot glue.  When I folded the corners, I snipped the excess fabric out of the corners to take out the bulk.

Pop Into FrameNext, pop it into your frame…actually force it into your frame.  You want it to be very snug so it will stay in your frame.

Glue on KeysUse your hot glue gun to attach your keys to the front of the piece.  I had brass keys already on hand and the iron keys are my new addition.  I made one of these for both sides of my bed, so I used both finishes on each.

Key Wall ArtI still see a few holes in the wall, but it really helped to camouflage some of the huge holes that are still there because of anchors.  It also adds height to the nightstands that was missing in the old arrangement.

I know I already had most of the supplies on hand, so I didn’t spend much, but here is a cost breakdown for the project:

Frames:  $20 each

Drop Cloth:  $10 for 9 feet (enough for many more projects)

Keys:  $11.99 for a key ring of five (use your 40% mobile coupon)

Plywood:  $10-15 for a 1/4 sheet

Spray Glue:  $4

Restoration Hardware’s price is $99 each!  Doing it yourself will cost you less than the cost of one!  Score!Knock Off Key Wall Decor


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