Master Suite Bathroom: Sheetrock and Paint


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Hanging sheetrock is not hard.  Applying drywall compound is hard.  It is like icing a cake for the queen; you want it to be just right.  The less bumps you have along the sides the easier it is to sand and the less work you have to do.  I have figured out how to slap on some compound and get those inside corners just right.


The secret is to do the long seams first, let them dry, and then mud the corners.  It is all about patience and patience is hard when you are a serial DIYer!  It will save your biceps though.

green board

Drywall compound falls to the ground and makes a great dry shampoo if you haven’t showered that day and you need to make a quick run to your hardware store. You are probably wondering why there is no sheetrock on the back of that smaller wall.  That is where our shower plumbing is ran, and CDB wants to wait to close in those walls until we get everything ran.

Daily Boutique Deals
I really struggled with a paint color for this room.  Even though we added the schoolhouse light, that end of the room is very dark.  I wanted something that was bright, but not white.  I also wanted a color that was masculine.  I chose is a griege from Valspar.  Lowes has a drywall primer that is only $13 that I put up before I painted.  The paint went up easily and I only had to do two coats.  That primer really did its job!  I purchased the paint with an eggshell finish mostly because that is my favorite and also so it will reflect some light.

I was going to talk about fixtures in another post, but here they are, so here we go.  I bought all of my fixtures through Amazon.  My favorite is the toilet paper holder.  It has a little shelf for my phone…or a candle.

I wanted all of the fixtures to be an antique brass.  I really love the details on the towel rod and the toilet paper dispenser.  They remind me of an apothecary and that is the look that I am going for in the bathroom.

light switch plate

All of my light switches and plug-ins are covered with these faux wood plates that I found at the Home Depot.  I really love how they contrast with the paint.  They tie in so nicely and warm up the room.

Once I painted it was time for tile!



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