Master Suite Bathroom: Tile Drama


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After I painted the bathroom, it was time for tile. I found this amazing tile and ordered it through Amazon. I really love the repeating pattern and wanted the concrete tile look.

This tile cuts nicely and lining up the tiles was a breeze. I bought exactly enough…I mean exactly. I was really sweating it down to the end whether or not I had enough and I ended up using scraps to finish and I was really worried about my tile cutting skillz.

full pattern tile

I grouted the tile with dark charcoal and it really looks nice. I waited to walk on it, but when I did my heart sunk. I heard pop! pop! pop! The tiles began to separate from the floor! Argh!

While I was tiling I had ran out of thin set and had to go buy more from the big box store. The tiles laid with the new thin set are really set. The tiles with the first batch, are the tiles that are popping. To say I am irritated is an understatement.  I am going to have to take up 75% of the tile and replace it, but this does give me a chance to rethink my design. The master suite is decorated in colors of white, robin’s egg blue, gold, and gray. I love the brightness of the room, but it clashes with the design of the bath. Even though both rooms have a vintage vibe, the color choices are all off. Completely. So I’m thinking of doing something with more white.

I am painting the wall in our bedroom robin’s egg blue, so I just want touches of the color in the bathroom. I’m keeping the walls gray and it is a very light gray so I think these towels with contrast well with the paint.

I was going to paint the vanity black, but I have decided to paint it white. The vanity top is a beige marble similar to travertine, so I want the floor tile to be white or really light beige.  I will finish it off with white subway tile, a white shower curtain, and white trim.

This should help brighten the room.  The end where the toilet sits is very dark even with a light right overhead.  Some white to help bounce light is much needed.

I had purchased a ton of fun masculine accessories to go with my apothecary/barbershop inspired bathroom.  Well, I thought up a fun place for all of those things to go into.  Stay tuned.

Whatcha think?