Media Room Built-Ins Airstone


I love baseball.  I love the green outfield, I love the way they comb the dirt, I love sunflower seeds and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.  I especially love the history of the game.  A few years ago, we received two black and white framed baseball prints.  I hung them downstairs in our media room and I also tacked up a UNC vintage pennant between them.  During our remodel in the basement, I wondered how I would be able to incorporate those prints into the design.  I painted my super fancy wall, and in my mind I wanted something more upscale.  However, baseball is who we are as a family.  Even our boys, who hate any kind of sport, like going to baseball games.

I had to think of a way to incorporate a masculine element into the room, and something that would bring a casual feel into the room, as well.  CDB and I ventured into Lowe’s one day and we ran across Airstone.  Have you heard of it?  First, let me tell you that I am not being paid by them and my opinion of this product is my own.  My opinion is that this stuff is AWESOME!

We bought two boxes and a bucket of adhesive.  We also bought a new hack saw and I installed the first two rows.

wall_before_airstoneWhen I was entertaining the idea of Airstone, I read a few blogs.  Those authors of unsaid blogs sit on a throne of lies!  First things first, it does not slice easily like bread.  Oh my gosh!  What was that woman using, a chainsaw?  I cut on one piece for what felt like 30 minutes!  I will say that you can do this right in front of your wall, and I suggest you cut it over a large piece of cardboard, because it is messy!  This is the only bad thing I have to say about Airstone.  It really isn’t so bad, you are cutting a material that looks and feels like stone with a hack saw!

CDB took down our T.V. mount and built it out by attaching two 2x4s to the studs in the wall and then reattaching the bracket to the lumber.  He also built this box to hide our cords.  The little square box on the wall is a channel that the cords slip down into.  The white shelf is actually a lid that lifts for easy access to the power strip.  outletcable_channelOnce that was all primed and painted, we began to put our stone puzzle up on the wall.  You just want to make sure you mix up the pieces by size and color.  We also tried to keep the seams staggered as much as possible.  We also mixed up the direction of the pieces.


I talked a few days ago, about the soffit that he built above the television.  Before we finished the stone, CDB installed that last bit of lumber.  He cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood to fit within the spot.  He attached it by adding 1×2 strips of wood 1/4″ above the bottom of the soffit.  He then tacked the plywood into place using our nail gun.  soffitAfter that was all nailed into place, I quickly primed and painted the back three or so inches just so we could move on.  I did not want to try and cut and paint around all the jagged edges later!Finished Airstone

Here it is all finished!  I love how the rough stone contrasts with all the pretty elements that are in the room.  Too much pretty isn’t always a good thing.

I can finally mark something off the list!

  1. Caulk all the seams of the trim
  2. Paint the shelves
  3. Install Airstone (It is amazing!)
  4. Install crown molding
  5. Touch-up wall paint
  6. Rug
  7. Finish painting desk
  8. Hang new light fixture
  9. Make roman shades




Whatcha think?