Media Room Built-Ins


When we bought our house ten years ago, our kids were young and little in size.  Fast forward and now we are living with two kids who are taller than us, and one that is on his way.  Our what was big to us house, is quickly shrinking.  Therefore, the need for storage that is off the floor to create a sense of space is much needed.  We also have collected a large collection of books both for our college courses and homeschool.  To remedy our need for storage, I designed built-ins to sit on our ledge that expands around 3/4 of the room.

left_shelvesIf you follow me on Instagram, you know that just a few months ago, Jacob and I built these awesome floating shelves that I found on Shanty-2-Chic.  I really love them, but I desired something less rustic.  I also wanted shelves that did not require a book-end or baskets to corral all of our smaller books.  So, CDB built the shelves on the left out of 1×8.  He first built the sides and added the shelves at equal widths.  Then, he attached the left side of the shelves.  On the bottom of both sides, we used our Kreg jig to make two pocket holes to attach it to the existing ledge.  He also fastened it into the studs on the left side and on the top shelf he attached it to the back wall into the studs.  He created a soffit  using a 1×6.  He also addd a piece of 3/4″ plywood on the side where the T.V. is to help build up that side for trim.  Finally, he trimmed out the sides and shelves with 1″ lumber that he ripped down using our table saw.  airstoneThen, he added the right side, and suddenly it all came together.  Originally, I wanted the crown molding to wrap around the shelves and then back towards the wall above the T.V.  Then, we were at Lowe’s and found Airstone.  Airstone is a product that looks and feels like stone, but it is lighter weight and you can cut it with a hack saw.  We decided to install that in the center cavity behind the T.V.   You can see in this photo where I began to play around with the configuration.  Since we were installing the airstone we have to build out the T.V. from the wall.  Therefore, we built a “kick-out” above the T.V. that the crown will attach to.

So far, I have the inside of the center part, caulked,  primed and painted and ready for Airstone installation.   I’ve also started the same process on the left side of the shelves and now I’m debating whether I should keep the back of the shelves the same sandy color as the rest of the room, or paint them white and create  the look of a unit of shelves.  What do you think?

I can’t mark off anything from my list just yet, but I’m close!

  1. Caulk all the seams of the trim
  2. Paint the shelves
  3. Install Airstone (It’s going to be amazing!)
  4. Install crown molding
  5. Touch-up wall paint
  6. Rug
  7. Finish painting desk
  8. Hang new light fixture
  9. Make roman shades


Whatcha think?