Painted Gray Kitchen Cabinets


I’ve been working on my friend Carrie’s house off and on for over a year.  With the help of my friend Lisa, we have transformed Carrie’s master bedroom and her daughter’s bedroom.  I worked on the living room and now, we have moved forward with the kitchen.

Before, it was a dark space with dark wood cabinets, wood grain vinyl flooring, dated lighting, and beige walls.  Carrie wanted gray kitchen cabinets to match her grandmother’s black, white and gray china set.


Looking into the dinning area from the living room.

Kitchen Before

Looking from dinning area into the kitchen.

Oven Wall Before

Close Up of Cabinets

The first step was to take all of the hardware off of every single cabinet door, drawer and frame.  I made a map of the cabinets and gave each drawer and door it’s own number.  As I took down the hardware I used painters tape and wrote the numbers on the pieces.  I also labeled the backsides of the doors.  This made reassembly so much easier and everything fit as it was.  Label DoorsThe next step was to fill in holes with wood filler and to sand down everything!  What a mess!SandingOnce the sanding was done, Carrie and Alan wiped everything down with a deglosser twice.  Carrie pointed out on the back of the bottle that deglosser should not take the place of sanding.  Rather, it provides a film on top of the surface for the primer and paint to adhere.  I’m so glad I did not skip sanding.  The deglosser did help to remove any left over dust.  I wouldn’t skip this step either.  When it comes to painting cabinets with a finish that will last, it is never wrong to prep too much.

After we sanded, deglossed, primed with a quality oil based primer and sanded with a fine sand paper again, we started painting.  We used Benjamin Moore Advanced paint.  So expensive, but it went on like a dream!  We used a brush to paint everything and you can barely see the brush strokes.  If I could go back, I would’ve sprayed the doors, but they still look amazing considering they were painted by hand with a brush!frames are painted



So smooth!

We did sand in between coats of paint to knock down any brush marks that were showing. Also, it was so hot that weekend so the primer set up way too fast. If you are going to paint your doors outside, consider painting them in the garage. We worked twice as hard on the doors to get a smooth finish than we did the frames.

The next day I reattached the doors and hardware.  What an amazing transformation!Close up after

kitchen after

Here is a before and after of the dark cabinets compared with the gray.comparison

We still have some work to do.  The next thing on our list is to switch out the countertops.  After that I will install a tile backsplash and then we will replace the flooring.  Carrie and Alan have already painted the walls a creamy white and Carrie painted the pantry door mustard yellow.  We are also scouring our city for the right artwork and accessories for this modern/bohemian kitchen.

I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

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