Revisited: Lego Birthday Party


I bet you didn’t know this, but I LOVE PINTEREST!  I gather so many good ideas, and I am so inspired by all you crafters out there!  I was trolling through my notifications today, and saw this post re-pinned.  I thought it would be fun to re-share a party I threw for Dylan, a few years ago, here!  1278407_orig

Last summer for Dylan’s 8th birthday, I dared to do what only the bravest of moms would think of doing.  I let my 8-year-old son host a sleepover.  Curtains were torn down and bean bags were thrown from here and there.  Doors were slammed, someone got popped in the eye and someone had a bloody nose, but it was fun!  Of course, all this chaos needed a theme.  LEGOS!


My first task was to make the pinata.   I took home a rectangle box from the office, and cut two slits in the top for the ribbon to slide through.  I then tied it together on the inside of the box.  I recommend you not use ribbon.  Instead a zip tie would have probably worked better.  One hit and our pinata was on the ground.  I then filled it with goodies I found at Wal-Mart in their party supply area for about $6, and taped it up with masking tape.  Then, I started wrapping the crepe paper around the box gluing the top of the paper as I went.  This was an awesome job that Dylan and I worked on together.  I used a glue pen, so as I wound the paper around he drew a straight line with the glue.  After all the gluing was done, I snipped the paper to give it a fringed edge.  I then added six 3″ circles to the front I cut out of cardstock.  I used the same color cardstock and my circle cutter and attached them to the front with 3D pop dots.


I also used the same idea for the take home bags.  I snagged the idea at this blog, From the Fence Post.  Super simple!  I picked up 12 bags from Target for $6.99 and a pad of cardstock from Wal-Mart for about $6 and cut out the circles and attached with 3-d pop dots.  I then attached a tag I made using a Lego font I found free online.  Just google free Lego font and you will find a ton of fun free fonts!  I filled the bags up with freebie catalogs from the Lego store and little stickers I found on clearance at Wal-Mart for $.75 each!  I also added a Lego calendar from the Lego store, Lego candies from the mall candy store, and little Lego sets I found in a kit from Toys R Us.  As we played games, the boys who won prizes dropped their prize into their bag to keep it all straight!


After the prizes were done (because that’s the important part), I worked on the table.  Did you know you could spray paint bubble wrap green and it looks like one of those Lego mats?  Yes, you can!


Did you also know you can have your kid make place card holders out of Lego’s?  Yes, girls, you can!  Who needs a party planner, when you have kids?  I also picked up this relish/chip and dip trays for a buck at the grocery store and we organized Lego’s by color into each divider.  It added a punch of color and the boys loved that they were divided like that!  These boys are destined for greatness if they can appreciate a little organization at the age of 8!  Gotta love it!  Of course, we had to have balloons!


The little blue boxes, I found at Wal-Mart and used the same dot method as the gift bags.  We used these to divide the pinata candy so everyone had the same amount and they had something to take it home in!


For the bottles of water I wrapped these labels I made online and you must use hot glue on the ends to get them to stay!  Tape, even scrapbooking tape will not stay!  I found this to be true when I made these.  This was my favorite party, so far because we used so many items we already had at home or, were super cheap and easy to create!  I love to theme parties!  (Happy Sigh)

This party was so much fun, and I did it didn’t cost a lot of money.  We just tried to used items we already had laying around.   Reusing and layering items are ways that I make a big impact, on a budget.

Who is ready for Thanksgiving?  I’m getting my decorations out, and getting the table ready for turkey and pumpkin pie!  I have posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook.  To follow, click on the icons in the header of my blog.


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