Airstream approved Shabby Chic Decor


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My mom loves cottage or shabby chic decor.  She loves those little tiny pink roses and the mix of pink and apple green together.  The challenge I have had so far is finding pieces for the Airstream that will be road trip appropriate, but will also have a purpose.  Since it is a small space, having a glass vase would not only be unsafe but it would also be unnecessary.

I did find some shabby chic accessories that are not only road proof, but have a purpose!

1. 2. 3.
1. Tin canisters to hold coffee, sugar, and tea. It is an RV and critters are bound to find their way in. This will keep those bagged items safe from the creepies. 2. You can’t go camping glamping without a picnic and every picnic needs napkins. This will be adorable sitting on the countertop or picnic table. 3. This rose covered rug will be the perfect touch for in front of the sink. It is a bath rug, but bath rugs are smaller and are the perfect size for an Airstream.


4. 5. 6.
4. Paper plates for outdoor eating and easy clean-up. 5. A plug-in chandelier to add that romantic charm and ambience. 6. A soap dish to hang on the wall near the sink. This will keep the soap in place. This would be great in the bathroom as well.

7. 8. 9.
7. Coaster for cold drinks on the coffee table. 8. Okay, so there is not a lot of wall space in the Airstream, but I have to get this and hang it somewhere. Maybe I can find room right above the sofa? 9. A ruffly throw to cuddle up in on the sofa.

10. 11.
10. This set of white lace drapes with valance will be the perfect amount of soft texture between the kitchen and bunk area. 11. Finally, a cute valance for above the kitchen sink.

I feel like the fabric for the drapes in the living area and bunks will be an entire blog post. I just spent so much time looking through websites for the perfect fabric and inspiration and I see so many I like! This is going to be the hard part.

Whatcha think?