Super Cheap Curtain Panels


Projects!  Projects!  Projects!  I have been creating my projects, my friends projects, and projects for my family.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this beautiful blue whale I made for my mom’s kitchen.  photoI also helped my friend Lisa with a gorgeous bedspread for her bohemian bedroom in her cool new urban farmhouse!  It is a green velvety fabric with a long gathered ruffled all the way around.  I also have watched many hours of Modern Family, Saving Mr. Banks, and I’ve been planning a bathroom re-haul.

The man bathroom is temporarily on hold.  CDB reminded me that if we wanted to do any work to the common bath, it would need to be done while the ceiling is open downstairs.  This would allow easier access to the plumbing under the bathtub.  Le sigh.  So, I will be sharing the progress via Instagram, Facebook, and of course, right here!

I promised you that I would share how I made these amazing thrifty drapery panels, and I shall!drapes_napkin_printsI created these using:

  • (2) Painter’s Drop Cloths (6×9) Washed, Dried, and Pressed
  • Your favorite Drape from any Store
  • Drapery Ring Clips
  • Irondropcloth_drapes

First, I folded my drapery panel I found at in half, and cut it.  Then, I folded the two halves in half, and cut again.  For the drop cloths I folded them in half and cut just once.drapeOnce all my pieces were cut and pressed, I laid out one half of the drop cloth with the wrong side towards the floor.  I measured three inches from the raw edge and started pinning one quarter of my panel to it, right to right.  At the bottom of the panel, I eye balled about one inch and cut the excess off the drop cloth.

pinning_drapeThen, I took it my sewing machine, sewing 5/8″ from the raw edge of the drape.  After that was sewn, I used my iron to fold over the blue decorative drape, and I pinned it again.  I tried to stay close to the stitches from the first run.  After I was finished sewing the back on, I folded over the bottom, towards the back, and sewed it again, making sure it matches the bottom of the blue drape.

sewing_the_backOnce all my panels were made, I clipped them at the top with my drapery rings, and swung them over the rod.  I at first installed them right over the trim on my window, but they looked so…PLAIN!  So, I took them down and installed them close to the ceiling.  Yes!  That did the trick!  I created an optical illusion that my ceiling was higher with the vertical line of the blue drape.

bed_pillowsI love how they make the room feel.  I went from something that I was loathing with all my heart and soul, to something that felt tropical and bohemian.  Total cost for each panel was only $12.50!  You can’t beat that for drapes these days.  I was pricing drapery panels at big box chain stores for $30 each!  No way, Jose!




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