The Basement Project: Almost Done


After years of having just a concrete wall around our basement family room, we now finally have a ledge!  I am so blessed by my geometry loving husband!  He installed the first trim board and went to bed, the next morning, while he was at work, I installed the next board.  It took me 30 minutes to measure, then visualize at my saw where I needed to make the miter cut.  Only straight cuts for this girl!



I have some details to finish up.  There is still trim to be painted, and we have a big empty corner that is driving us nuts!




It feels awesome to have the trim done and new paint.  It really makes this room feel like a part of our home, instead of a place our kids go to get away from the adults.






My sweet friend, Lexi shared words of encouragement with me this weekend.  While I feel overwhelmed with projects and time, she is excited for me, and pleaded with me to continue.  Not that I was thinking of quitting so soon, but hearing her cheers, makes me feel so good and energized.  It was the first thing I remembered the next morning after our Halloween party, and after several glasses of apple cider champagne it’s a miracle I remember anything!  Whew!




This is pretty much what I looked like the next day.  Too much champagne equals one bad headache.




I found old baseballs at my favorite antique store!  When I walked in and asked them if they had any, I think they thought I was cray-cray.  When Dyl and I went exploring on our own, we found an entire basket full of vintage sports equipment!  One of them has a boy’s initials written on it.  I know I’m a nerd, but I like to imagine who owned it.

I made the little trough for them to sit in with a leftover 2×4, and paint from the bottom half of the wall.  During Christmas I can load it full of evergreen and pine cones!










I have a few more things I would like to build for this room.  Some end tables and a wall art project.  I also want to add some cable knit pillows to the couch.  I’m way too cheap to spend over $20 on a throw pillow when I can make my own.  The search is on at my local thrift store for some white cable knit sweaters.

I’m also looking forward to changing out my pillows and drapes for green and red this Christmas!

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