The Boy’s Room: Cheap-o Wall Shelves


Dear mothers everywhere,

I give you this.


This is clean to a 14 and 10 year old.
I have been slowly converting this shared room, that is painted in bright juvenile colors, to a more sophisticated boy room.  I started by buying some new bedding about six months ago.  That is the tangled mess on Jake’s bed.  Sigh.

I also painted the bedside table brown, and stole this lamp from our family room.  I picked it up at a rummage sale for $2 about two years ago.  Those people are crazy for letting go of such a cool lamp.  The boy’s can adjust it, and swing it either way when they are reading at night.


Because they are sharing a room, I had to remove some furniture.  They aren’t going to sleep on their dresser, or house their clothes in their bookcases, so my only option is move out the cases.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have heard that I won a fancy shmancy 10″ compound miter saw with lazer (yes, with a z) from the totally rad blog, Shanty 2 Chic, and Ryobi Power Tools.  I have been following Shanty 2 Chic for awhile, and absolutely love their DIY projects.  The projects are easy and cheap, and they come with a tutorial, or awesome plans made up by the amazing Ana White.  Girl Power!  A few weeks ago, they posted this shelf on instagram, and while I thought it was cool (and cheap $10!), I thought I had no need to make such shelf.  Oh was I wrong!


Maybe it doesn’t fit in my bathroom decor, but for the boy’s industrial room, it was perfect!  Also, how fitting that my first project using the miter saw, be something inspired by Shanty 2 Chic?  Very fitting, that’s what it is.
My hubby helped me figure up the measurements to make it wider, to make more room for all those books!  The boy’s can’t make a bed, but they can read the entire Narnia collection in one Christmas vacation…


I outfitted them with some goodwill finds, to house gameboys and those little DS games.
The letters were a project I have been dreaming about doing, ever since I left the Anthropologie at 11th and Arizona in
Santa Monica, CA.  I found a simple tutorial here.
We are a confused family when it comes to baseball.  We just love the game.


Jake insisted his games go up on the shelf.  “But they are ugly”, I said.  “It’s my house, and they aren’t going up there.”
Mom of the year!
I found this gray bin at Target for $7.99.  Compromise.
I love them, and they are heavy duty and will last years.  Every time I pass by their room, I have to peek at them.
Jacob likes to remind me it’s his shelf.  Selfish.
The total cost for two shelves, just $40!
I need to find the perfect portrait to put in that frame.  How about something like this?



Whatcha think?