The Camper Project: Summer’s Back and Halloween Candy is on the Shelves




Doesn’t this picture make you happy?  I love fall.  I love scarves, brown leather knee high boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes…the list of why I love fall is endless.  So you can imagine the squeal of excitement that came from my mouth when I spotted Halloween candy at my grocery store!  I brought home three bags of chocolate, and dug out my pumpkin candy dish, and filled that girl up!  It’s the little things.

Well, even though fall is right around the corner, and has been here in Kansas for a good chunk of the summer months, summer is not ready to let go, just yet.  It has been hot, sticky and humid all week.  The kind of humid that your jeans stick to you and you have to pull them up anytime you bend, sit or squat.  Yuck!

Needless to say, I am off schedule on the camper renovation.  I did however, have a few successes.

  1. I have a fridge.
  2. I have AC.
  3. I have seat cushions (but I’m not a fan).
  4. I have sheets for the bunks.
  5. I have a coffee maker (most important).

Basically, I went shopping this weekend,  and threw a fit about how the cushions were turning out, because it’s more humid than Miami, I have 64 mosquito bites, and I became a psychotic hot mess in the garage. I digress.




Now that’s it not raining, I can get back in my garden.  I scored these garden shoes at Target over the weekend on clearance!  I love the design and they slip on and off easily.  I also filled my harvest box full of veggie goodness this morning.  I picked my first roma tomatoes, some cucumbers, sweet peppers, eucalyptus, cherry tomatoes, a couple of zucchini, and snipped off some sweet basil.  I bagged it up and delivered it to good friends.






Overall, it was a productive weekend, it just didn’t go my way.  But, there is this whole week to get back on track and the finish line is within sight!  Just five more days until we pull out to go camping!

Whatcha think?