The Camper Project


My mom and my aunt gave me a camper!  I have a boy scout in my home, so I live vicariously through him.  Jake does all the camping around here.  So, when the idea of owning my own camper, and inheriting the pop-up came along, I almost didn’t jump on the opportunity.  Oh, but I have the fever now!



What is that 1992?  You want me to keep the country blue and accent with dusty rose?  Uh, no.  I don’t think so!

This is what you walk into when you enter the camper.  Fake wood grain everything, country blue everything, and a tie-die rug, thanks to some teenagers who were vacating the premises.


I really never imagined there would be some much space for organizing one’s camping excursions.  The drawers are very large.  Large enough to get my eating utensils and cooking utensils in one.   The cabinet doors have tons of open space in them.  I think some storage bins, like you can buy from 31 products would be perfect inside for housing dinnerware, cookware, and food.  The stove top works, but it freaks me out.  There is a curtain and a bed within inches of it.  I will just use the good ‘ole campfire, or a small charcoal grill.


This table makes me the most happy about the whole camper.  I envision my family playing cards, or drinking hot cocoa this fall here.  The table also collapses, and the cushions go on top for additional sleeping space.


Please ignore the junk in the background.  Last week, after trying to find a spot to sit in our living room, my husband yelled at me and told me I had to move my “project piles”.  They have now moved to this room.  For the first time in my adult DIYing life, I had to plan, on a calendar, my projects.  It’s out of control.

My inspiration for the camper is retro kitchen.  Red, pink, yellow and turquoise with a hint of gray is my color pallet.  Here are some things I had, or have picked up for the camper.  The tablecloth started it all.  I picked this up at an auction, probably buried deep inside a box, and I have kept it all this time.  I love the retro mix of color, and the weight of this tablecloth is unseen, today.  It feels like a special piece, and now I have a special place to display it.  The canisters I picked up at my local antique store.  I knew I would need one for coffee because I can’t do life without coffee.  The red toaster is unlike a regular toaster.  This toaster toasts hot dogs and their buns!  Perfect for the camper!  Ok, and seriously I was telling my mom about the pin where someone who is genius and super crafty, spray painted an ugly fan, pink.  Have you seen it?  Check out my glamping board.  Anyway, she walked over to her cupboard in her airstream, and pulled out this turquoise princess of a fan.  I have been using it as I clean and paint, and it really pushes the air.

The next two weeks will be insane, but the payoff is so worth it.  Mama is taking her kids out over Labor Day weekend!  I see s’mores, card games, outdoor movies, fishing, and a glass of wine by the campfire for me.  I invite you to follow my progress these next two weeks on the blog and on Instagram, and see how I transform this 1990 monstrosity, into a retro kitchen camper.  Let the games begin!

Whatcha think?