Getting Back on Track and Finding My Truth


I’ve been a bit off track; my last post was almost two years ago and I didn’t even finish posting about the fabulous gray kitchen! It is finished except for the flooring and many parties and holidays have been spent enjoying the new decor.

I sold both campers. So sad! I know! However, we just didn’t spend any time in them because of our busy school schedules.  In the last two years, I changed my degree from Web Development to Digital Media.  I was inspired to start a photography business and I enjoy taking photos of families and high school seniors.  It all started when I bought a camera to take better photos for this site.

high school senior girl


We have redecorated so many rooms, but it feels like we have not done anything!  Everyone has their own rooms now, and the basement living room is now the master suite.  More about that later…

We have a kiddo graduating next month.  It has been a weird time for me because my kids are growing up and the next stage in my life is upon me.  What I wanted became clouded through the despair of not raising kids anymore.  I tried to reinvent myself.  I thought that I was going to be the next big city photographer with a digital design firm.  My truth is that…well, that is a huge pile of b.s.  Building, creating, sharing, teaching, and showing is my truth.  I enjoy the way textiles blend together, the way a throw pillow will complete a room, and the feeling of pride I feel when someone enjoys the furnishings I have built.  That is what makes me create with joy, makes me light as a feather, and makes my soul sing.

high school senior boy

I have other truths, too, but professionally this is it.  I love this blog and the way it allows me to express myself creatively.  Really, I knew it all along.  I cancelled all the social media accounts, but I just couldn’t cancel my domain.  In my heart I knew what my passion was and now I’m back on track.






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