Two boys One Room


I started a project about six months ago, walked away just when I was getting started, and never went back.  Today, fine people, is the day I’m going back in!  This project is…the boy’s room.  My challenge is, I have a freshman in high school and a fifth grader sharing a room.  I need it to feel playful for Dylan, yet sophisticated and more grown-up for Jake.    My inspiration is industrial design.  Some elements that shout out to me are galvanized metals, dark stained woods, typography, and exposed hardware.  Here is some of my inspiration photos I grabbed from Pinterest.



I love the look of the big typography prints above the dresser and that big fat N.  Love it!  This room is soft yet masculine.  I also like the light that is pouring in.



To give the boys their own identity in their room, I picked up some of these cardboard letters in their initials at Joann’s for $1 per letter.  You can click on the photo for the original tutorial.  Much better than the $18 Anthropologie letters.



Fun and cute for Dylan, yet masculine for Jake.  We love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, any comic book character, Percy Jackson…we’re nerds.  There are tons of free typography quotes on Pinterest you can print at home and frame.



Hmmm…what is it about this photo that I like?  It seems a bit kitchen to me, but I think the reason this photo stood out, is the numbers on the baskets and the bowling pins.  Organized in a sophisticated way, yet playful.

258053_orig (1)


We have twin beds in this room.  We do not however, have headboards.  I see another project in my future!  I sang that last sentence.

So, as a new blogger, I am figuring out from trial and error (mostly error) that you readers must see a before photo.  I just get so darn excited that I forget to pick up the camera and snap photos!  So, in some of my before pics, you will see some improvements have been made.  I apologize.  Next time, you will see the down and dirty before, and the clean and pretty after.  I promise.

Whatcha think?