Woodland Book Baby Shower


I threw a baby shower for my sweet friend that is having a little baby boy!  She wanted a book theme and I merged it with a woodland/fantasy theme.   On the invitation I invited friends and family to bring a book in lieu of a card.  Mama went home with a library to get her little boy started in his new fictional world of words and imagination.  decor4I first went in search of books at my local Salvation Army and found some great classics.  My favorite find is the black and white checkered Mother Goose book.  I vividly remember hooking my finger in the top of the spine of another copy of this book and pulling it off the shelf many times when I was in elementary school.  I also found some fun baby cardboard books at Target for less than $5 each.  I also added a few of my own including Harry Potter, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and I had to buy the baby Green Eggs and Ham.

decor5I found these cute pumpkins in the Dollar Spot at Target for $1 each and I added this garland I created from old book pages and photos I recently shot of my friend.  So, since we last met, I’ve taken up photography and I’m a painter now.  I know.  I am creatively schizophrenic.  The leaves came from Michaels and are for scrap-booking.  I just punched a hole in the top of each one and strung them on some twine that I had in my stash.

decor2I used that same twine to tie up the diapers in the diaper cake.  This was the easiest project ever and created a big impact on the food table.  I borrowed some firewood from CDB’s grilling pile and added some moss I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I then added a small grapevine wreath for the diapers to sit on.  I added a bit more moss, second layer of diapers, moss again, and then the deer.  The deer are actually Christmas ornaments!  I simply removed the string and hook from the top and no one knew any better.

Decor1These little nests are also ornaments.  Sssshhh….don’t tell anyone!  I tucked in spheres covered in moss and a mushroom covered in moss here and there.  I tucked in moss around the trays (not touching the food, of course) and the cake plate.  I also added a few more stumps of wood to create height on the table.  My pieces were not cut straight, but if your’s are you can place a tray or a piece of wax paper on top and add your cookies or donuts.  decor7I made a Dominican cake per request for the mother-to-be that had so many calories.  So many.   We also had cheese and crackers, donuts, fresh fruit, and cookies.  I made a quick punch in my drink dispenser and of course there was coffee!

decor3For not having much free time right now because of school, I was able to whip this shower together quickly and it turned out so cute.  We also gave our guests little jars of honey on their way out as a thank you for sharing this joyous occasion that is long overdue.



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